Monday, January 11, 2010

The Song That's Been in my Head All Day!

I love this song and it's been in my head all day!

(My own) loose translation from Yiddish:

Tumbala-tumbala Tum-balalaika (x2)
tum-balalaika, let the balalaika play
tum-balalaika, and let us be joyful

A young man is thinking
thinking and thinking the whole night
who should he propose to
who may he offend (x2)


Maiden, maiden let me ask you
what can grow, grow without rain?
what can burn, without being consumed?
what can cry, and shed no tears?


Silly young man,
why must you ask?
a stone can grow, grow without rain.
love can burn, without being consumed
the heart can cry and shed no tears.


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