Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pity Haiti

The devastation in Haiti is complete. Nearly 100,000 or more dead, buildings collapsed, prisoners escaped from collapsed prisons, hospitals, schools, homes, all flattened. The poorest country in North America dealt yet another tragedy, another losing hand.

Canada seems to have been quick to respond and kudos for what seems like a quick and appropriate reaction. An advance team arrived aboard a Canadian forces plane which carried a helicopter aboard. Two more ships of the Canadian navy, HMCS Halifax and HMCS Athabaskan are being loaded with emergency supplies for their trip to Haiti, along with a contingent of up to 500 soldiers to help however they're needed.

This is exactly what Canada should be doing. For a country that seeks increased engagement in the Caribbean and in Latin America and that simply wants to do what is right we have an obligation to our neighbours to help them in their darkest hours, and we are doing exactly that. Kudos to the CAF for the good work they are and will be doing.

In keeping with the subject of this blog, Israel is also sending a rescue team halfway around the world to Haiti. Elite Israeli search and rescue forces have been dispatche as well as teams from IsrAID, the same team that assisted after the devastating earthquake in Italy about one year ago. Jewish communities around the world and here in Canada are also mobilizing to help raise funds.

The red cross, as always, is preparing to do their significant work and donations can be made to them here.

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