Monday, December 21, 2009

Hamas Supporting Arrest Attempts Against Israelis in Europe

It appears that the attempt to have Livni arrested under universal jurisdiction laws in the UK were directly supported by Hamas. While it may not be the case that Hamas was behind the arrest attempts, in that Hamas says it did not hire the UK lawyers, they provided information which made the legal proceedings possible.

It's not suprising that Hamas would support cases such as the attempts against Livni going forward, after all, Israel is Hamas's enemy, why would they oppose any impediments imposed against Israelis? What is so particularly unseemly about this information is that these lawyers ostensibly defending the legitimate human rights of Palestinians are cooperating with a terrorist group. It is also telling how Hamas is taking advantage of the UK's jurisdiction to support those who would attack Israel. It seems, more plainly than other examples, to be clear evidence of how using universal jurisdiction in cases like the arrest of Livni are assymetrical warfare.

This support of lawfare by Hamas is perhaps the reason why alleged perpetrators of other violations of international law are not pursued by those who defend human rights in teh courts as they attempt to do when Israel is the target. It is perhaps that Hamas makes it so easy for supports of Palestinians and Tibetans lack the same resources to support the prosecution of Chinese officials that cases against the Chinese are essentially unknown.

Apparently, however, Livni is benefiting from a political bump as a result of the attempt to have her arrested.

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