Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Awesome Archaeological Discovery in Nazarth

There is obviously a great deal I could write about these days between Schalit, and organ harvesting, I could keep quite busy, but given that I already am pretty busy these days, here's a relatively light posting about an archaeological discovery in Nazareth, watch the video if you don't care to read the article.

The article adds information from a University of Toronto historian who suggests that the discover is unremarkable and disagrees with the conclusions of the experts working on the dig in Nazareth.

With my limited knowledge I don't dare take sides, but the excitement of the discovery itself is not diminished, no matter who is correct. That this is a home that may have existed in Jesus Christ's lifetime, that he may have been familiar with this home and the family that lived in it is an amazing thought. Of course, the discovery in now way validates or invalidates any religious beliefs, but it is amazing to think of this incredibly significant historical figure perhaps visiting the home that has been discovered, or being acquainted with its inhabitants. It truly allows us to connect with history.

On another note, one o the things that always struck me about visiting Israel was that you would pass roadsigns for places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Hebron, and Jericho--all places of incredible significance to billions of people all over the world--and these signs are no different than the ones you see for the hamlet of Moose Creek, between Montreal and Ottawa. I always felt as though places like this should have big stars next to their names, in flashing lights, screaming "FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THIS IS JERUSALEM THE HOLIEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!!" But alas, I don't make road signs!

Let me take advantage of this timely discovery to wish all readers the very best of the holiday season, no matter which holiday you will be celebrating or have celebrated already. May 2010 bring us each, wherever and whoever we may be, peace, prosperity, health and happiness. All the best, whoever you are!

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