Sunday, October 18, 2009

Green Power in the West Bank

YNet reports that a group of Israelis from Comet-ME has set up a completley sustainable power source for the West Bank village of Susya which had, until recently, no electricity at all, other than a diesel generator.

This story of Israelis helping a severly underserviced West Bank village is significant on many levels. First, the village was not connected to any power grid, even though wires serving settlements passed right over them. This is a clear representation of the disparity between Palestinians and the settlements in the West Bank. While the West Bank economy is, in general, growing, there are still villages that are forgotten. A situation that must change.

Secondly, this effort in itself is a step towards improving the West Bank economy. As the article itself indicates, this will do a great deal for the ability of this village to generate wealth for themselves. The better things are for the people of this village, the less likley it will be to generate hate, resentment and extremism.

Finally, this is a story of ordinary Israelis meeting ordinary Palestinians and offering a helping hand. It is personal connections like these, and grass roots connections that will set the foundations for real, lasting peace.

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