Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News From Jenin

I thought it was important to share this "good news" story from the Gilboa Regional Council in Israel and the Govenorate of Jenin.

The two governments are cooperating with one another to create economic opportunities that will not only be mutually beneficial but that will create an interdependence and opportunity for contact between ordinary Israelis and ordinary Palestinians.

This article deals mostly with a tourism project in Jenin, formerly a name associated with Palestinian suicide bombing (not the site of bombing, but the source of it.) The article describes a tourist visit to the town and makes it sound quite lovely and a great place to visit. Nonetheless, it was clear, Israeli settlers were not welcome.

It also does not really explain how this project benefits the Israeli side, but does touch on other projects, such as a joint industrial zone (Palestinian production Israeli export) and a cultural facility where Palestinians can learn Hebrew and Israelis can learn Arabic.

The point is, however, that this project stands as an example of what can be accomplished when two partners want to work with one another and when a decision is made to pursue cooperation and prosperity. The article is an interesting read and is exactly the kind of story I wanted to talk about when I started this blog.

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