Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goofin' Around

I made some minor changes to the blog. They may be so minor that frequent readers wouldn't even notice, but if you do have an opinion on the look or feel of the blog, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Well... considering that I am lugging around a sizable belly which, if it was its own free orbiting astronomical body it would have a not so negligible gravity well, I was heartened to see that the first Google ad beckoning for my attention was : "1 secret of a flat belly!; Cut down 9 pounds in a week by keeping this 1 weird secret", from

This said, I then asked myself: How did the Google know?! have we, in fact, invented Omniscience, thereby dispensing of the need for God and his otherworldly advice? The Google can be such a practical, useful, down to earth God, worrying about giving me advice about my weight loss problems one day, or about hair loss the next. I therefore propose the creation of the Universal Church of The Google, as I as the Holy Divine Googlord of The Google.

A friend (aka The Googlord)

Anonymous said...

Innteresting observation. I see the belly fat ad is still there, as is a hair loss ad, one for finding girls and one on Canadian Politics.
Hard to understand how Google could be so way off in content analysis. Perhaps Charles should review his set up?

Charlie H. Ettinson said...

Actually, I have no idea how--or if it's possible--to control what ad's appear on google. It does sound like the ads are geared well towards me though!
I laughed out loud at the "googlelord's" comment!