Monday, July 13, 2009

My 14 at 100

This post is my 100th since I started blogging. I thought it would be interesting and "fun" for me at least to go through some of my posts and from them, make a list of the individuals or groups that I thought deserve special recognition for their efforts to advance peace between Israel and its neighbours.

In no particular order:

Those behind a failed Turkish effort to build a peace hospital in Israel which would have brought together both Israeli and Palestinian workers and patients.

"Friends of the Earth Middle East" is an NGO that is working with Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian people living in shared watersheds to help conserve water, protect the environment and do all of the above cooperatively. They are creating necessary connections between ordinary people from three groups with--at best--cold relations.

A former Canadian Ambassador to Israel and his team who have put together what may be the most feasible and comprehensive plan for the sharing of Jerusalem under any future peace agreement.

Druze member of the Israeli Knesset Kara, who, though he may really be of dubious credibility, seems to be making well intentioned efforts to reach out to Arabs in other countries and talk about possibilities for moving peace forward. Far more than many others have done.

The appropriate officials in the Israeli and Jordanian water ministries who, rather than disagree and squabble over a potentially contentious water sharing issue, instead followed the stipulations of their peace treaty and dealt cooperatively with an environmental problem affecting shared water sources.

Ordinary Egyptians who are happy to be living in peace.

Wafa Younis, the leader of a Palestinian band that was disbanded after the "sin" of trying to reach out to Israeli Holocaust survivors and teach her children and the survivors something about eachother's culture.

Hapoel Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv soccer team working to bring Israeli and Palestinian kids together to get to know one another and have some fun in a safe environment.

The Israeli Members of the Knesset behind the Evacuation-Compensation bill, making its way through the legislative process to encourage non-ideological settlers to voluntarily leave contentious settlements.

The Palestinian medical doctor whose children were tragically killed in the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza who, despite his loss and his right to anger, continues to strive for peace.

The Israeli Academic Centre in Cairo and those who have staffed it for many years in the hopes of deepening cultural ties between Israel and its peace partner, Egypt.

The founder of a West Bank Holocaust museum who, though I think he may be a bit misguided, is trying to teach other Palestinians about this saddest chapter in Jewish history, a chapter often denied in the Palestinian narrative.

A Kuwaiti Journalist whose political career died as soon as it was born for suggesting that Kuwait should make peace with Israel.

The Peres Centre For Peace and much of the good work it does. Especially this photo journalism exchange.

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