Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talking About Media "Strategies"

Just a thought:

It's reasonable to imagine that states communicate with one another through the media, especially states that have no formal relations. One could imagine that statements from politicians or press releases from government agencies could serve the dual purpose of informing the public and sending a message to observers.

That's what makes this article on Israeli unmanned drones interesting. Especially the line about the drones being able to fly anywhere and that they "...can take on any mission the Air Force wants it to." With Israeli drones likely having been used in the Sudan to attack convoys bringing missiles to Gaza, one may imagine that these drones could be used to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

If it's true that these drones can really do anything (though it's unclear that aerial combat is within a drone's operational capabilities) it makes sense that Israel would use them in an attack on Iran. They present no risk to highly trained pilots, they can be used in large numbers to overwhelm radar and aerial defenses, if the drones are written off and considered more or less disposable they can linger around targets after an attack to determine success or failure.

Again, just a thought....

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