Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Frames of Reality"

This article in the Jerusalem Post discusses an interesting photojournalism program that brings together Israeli and Palestinian photographers called "Frames of Reality."

"Frames of Reality" is a project that not only allows for professional development for people from both sides of the "line" but also offers an opportunity for dialogue and discussion of the photographs themselves, how they are used to tell a story and the messages they convey. According to the Jpost article, these discussions can become so heated that at times "breaks" are needed to allow cooler heads to prevail before returning to a discussion of the issues in question.
The project is sponsored by the Peres Center for Peace and has managed to bring together journalists from a range of reputable news organizations. These journalists spent at least 12 workshops together discussing their work and meeting with professionals to discuss both theory and technical aspects of photojournalism. It has also resulted in the creation of an online social networking site for these journalists where Israeli and Palestinian photographers stay in touch with one another and share their photographs on a regular basis.

Dialogue between ordinary people in conflicts such as the Israeli Palestinian one contribute to greater mutual understanding of the other, of what people on the other side of a fence are really like and serves to reduce suspicion of the other. What makes this type of exchange so important is that the people involved are photojournalists. These are people who present us with powerful images of their daily lives and potentially have an impact people far beyond those they see and speak with. If when telling their stories through images journalists are conscious of the other side of the issue or image they are capturing then photographs become a truer representation of reality and the narrative begins to change into something more sensitive. One of the journalists quoted in the JPost article admits as much.

There are literally thousands of pictures to look through on the "Frames of Reality" networking site and on this other official site. Some of those that struck me most when I saw them are below.


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