Friday, March 20, 2009

War is Hell: Children's Edition

An art therapist living in Israel, well within range of rockets from Israel has published a children's book about Kassam rockets. The book, called "Color Red" (the warning that is broadcast indicating that there are 15 seconds or less before a rocket from Gaza will make impact) is meant to be a therapeutic tool of sorts and tells the story of a character named Red and Red's path from helplessness to empowerment.

The idea of a book, a form of art, seeking to empower the helpless draws an interesting parallel to the Israeli movie clip "Closed Zone"which also tries to convey an image of helplessness (though with less encouraging outcomes.)

Another striking point, though unrelated to the content of the book itself is that since the author lives on a kibbutz--a collective community--all profits from the book will be returned to the kibbutz and not the author.

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