Monday, March 16, 2009

The Pain Threshold

This is a long-ish, but interesting article from Ha’aretz. In it, the author argues how the Hamas strategy of firing rockets into Israel has driven Israeli voters to the right and how this strategy hardens the position of those who seek to permanently annex the West Bank.

In short, the argument is that the rockets discourage Israel from wanting to leave the west bank, this in turn results in Israel occupying a large Palestinian population. This population will eventually outnumber Israel and their demand for a vote will be impossible to ignore, especially if the territories are actually annexed. A majority Palestinian vote would drastically change the character of Israel. Therefore, if Hamas can hold on and fire rockets long enough to keep the Israeli political spectrum on the right, there will eventually come a time when Palestinians living in territory occupied by Israel, outnumbers the Israeli Jewish population, and a vote under these circumstances will result in an Israel completely unrecognizable from its current iteration and the vision of its founders.

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