Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Long Arm of the IAF

Arabic Media Shack flagged this story when details were still sketchy. Things are becoming a bit clearer.

Apparently, the US are deflecting claims by the Sudan that a convoy of weapons headed to Gaza from Iran was struck by the US air force with the counterclaim that actually, it was the Israeli air force that carried out the strike. Predictably, Israel is neither confirming nor denying the reports.

This issue raises questions such as: Were there other similar strikes? Who was complicit in this arms smuggling? Why could Israel have not cooperated with Egyptian authorities to intercept the weapons at the Sudan-Egypt border? How was the information about this convoy collected by Israel? What are the implications of this strike?

One thing it would demonstrate if true is that without any doubt, Iran is supplying Hamas with weapons. This direct military supplying ought to be seen as at least complicity in terrorism and attacks on Israeli civilians if not--on the other end of the spectrum--an act of war by an openly hostile state using a proxy (Hamas) to carry out its attacks. In either case, the complicity and knowledge of both the Sudanese and Egyptian government (the latter for some reason being consulted by the former for reasons that are unclear) will be called into question.

This is fascinating news, but begs more questions than answers.

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Steve Lieblich said...

It's highlt likely that this was an IDF strike, with fulkl collaboration of the US>

JPost reports (at

The New York Times on Friday quoted two officials as saying that the air strike was part of Israel's efforts to stop the flow of weapons to Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

The two, who the newspaper said are "privy to classified intelligence assessments," further stated that Iran had been involved in the effort to smuggle weapons to the Strip, noting intelligence reports indicating that an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards operative had gone to Sudan to coordinate the effort.