Monday, March 16, 2009

Durban II Continues to Shrink

The European Union has announced that unless their suggested changes to the proposed working documents for the Durban II anti-racism conference are accepted and the antisemitic references as well as the resolutions that equate criticism of religion with a human rights violation are removed, they will withdraw from the conference (see here, here and here.) Though a member of the EU, Italy has announced that they would not participate some time ago. This is a sound approach. If sincere efforts at engaging those responsible for the current conference documents fails, then western democracies ought not to lend legitimacy to a hate fest. Given that those who will not participate now include the US, Canada, Israel and potentially the EU it could be an interesting idea for these countries to host their own, parallel anti-racism conference where they could discuss issues of much broader concern, as opposed to an almost single minded focus on Israel, Jews and the Islamophobia.

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